Connect the dots between employee experience, performance, and business outcomes.

At Lyncwork, we understand that a major cornerstone of your business is to invest in your employees. This starts with making them feel valued and recognized.

Our platform starts with an easy onboarding journey for new employees, and continues with a comprehensive set of offerings that enriches the employee experience, gamifies engagement, and digitizes mundane manual tasks while reducing operational cost.

The Lyncwork platform

We simplify, digitize and unify HR and IT process into seamless and engaging digital experiences.
Employee Engagement
  • Promote positive interactions by creating engaging experiences
  • Engagement Rewards
  • Simple, digitized journey completed in minutes
  • Personalized to each user
Skills Wallet
  • Build a Skills Inventory
  • Create Talent Pools
  • Upskill the workforce
Cloud SaaS Management
  • Secure and granular employee access
  • Digital, Self Managed
  • Remove friction across the entire Lifecycle

Data driven and gamified Employee Engagement platform

Employees want to be recognized and rewarded. Lyncwork’s digital platform enables companies to measure engagement which can be turned into personalized rewards for their employees.
Collect rewards as you:
  • Collaborate and contribute
  • Provide feedback and interact with colleagues
  • Encourage participation
Incentivize your workforce through gamification
  • Real-time recognition
  • Redeem rewards instantly
  • Increase employee retention
Intelligent, context sensitive dashboard
  • Spans all departments and regions
  • Sentiment analysis at a user level
  • Continual understanding of employee profiles
Measure engagement through interactive events
  • Data from integrated third-party platforms
  • Employee Journeys
  • Community dashboard

Solved with Lyncwork

Onboarding and Welcome
Skills Taxonomy
Documents and Resources
Application Setup
Engagement Rewards
Ice Breakers
Employee Journeys
Role & Team Adminstration
Company Directory
User Management

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