Employee Experience and Engagement

Start with an incredible onboarding experience. This forms a great first impression. Continue the journey by gamifying employee engagement and by giving employees simple but amazing digital experiences.
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Be the employer of the future

As work culture changes and employee demands continue to evolve, it is incumbent on enterprises to show employees that their voice is heard, and that their contribution is recognized.  

Lyncwork removes complexity and fragmentation in traditional systems and processes to keep employees happy and productive by encouraging and rewarding communication and collaboration.

Why Lyncwork

Seamless onboarding

Digital and self-managed

The first steps at an organization set the tone for the entirety of the employment journey. We give your employees the tools so that they can be productive right away while also getting to know their coworkers and team as soon as they join.

Uncover engagement in real time

Attract and retain top talent

By taking a data driven approach to employee engagement, Lyncwork enables organizations to respond to employee issues and feedback immediately.

Remove complexity and eliminate silos

Reduce operational costs

Administrators perform their tasks seamlessly. This translates to a great employee experience meaning that employee turnover or churn is significantly reduced. The result is a massive benefit to the bottom line in terms of employee replacement costs such as recruiting, interviewing, work disruption, and productivity loss.

Lyncwork Skills

        Lyncwork Skills

        Build a Skills Inventory
        Create Talent Pools
        Upskill the workforce

        Harness the Cloud

        We integrate to leading Enterprise cloud applications, and continue to add new ones regularly.  This enables our customers to automate most manual tasks and to digitally manage employee access with all services managed from one dashboard.

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