What's New at Lyncwork 🚀
Justin Seto
Product Manager

Granular License Provisioning & Management

We are ecstatic to announce the release of granular license provisioning and management on the Lyncwork platform!

A cumulation of 3 months of R&D at Lyncwork, granular license provisioning is our latest feature set built to help you manage your SaaS platforms more effectively. For complex integrations such as Microsoft Office and associated applications you now have the ability to manage license types directly on the Lyncwork platform. Granular license management will allow you to leverage the already powerful Roles function on Lyncwork to assign different levels of licences to your employees. Furthermore you can also set default licences as a fallback for general assignment and effectively track the number of licences that have been consumed. With this data you can make informed decisions in regards to resource assignment and work the the peace of mind knowing you have all revenue leakage bases covered.

Manage all your licences and permissions from one centralized place

So whether you’re hiring for short term contractors or developing a multifaceted cross functional team, Lyncwork will be there every step of the way to help you manage, track and navigate any challenge licence management will throw at you.

Monitored User Deprovisioning

Following up with granular provisioning is the new ability for administrators on Lyncwork to monitor the deprovision status of user applications. As we identified more complex use cases for HR admins we recognized the need for administrators to deprovision applications on a staggered basis. Whether it's to migrate user data or monitor a mailbox post off boarding, Lyncwork now offers a solution for administrators to manage all SaaS deprovisioning flows in one place. Using the new monitored deprovision flow will allow you to lock and reset all account permissions for an offboarded employee, and set the status of those accounts to automatically deprovision in 60 days. Simply set it - and forget it! You’ll receive a calendar notification for when the account's are deprovisioned so you’ll know just when licences will stop being consumed. Meanwhile new credentials will be automatically generated so you can still access those integrations and freely complete any post off boarding tasks you need to do, without having to worry about any pesky licence charges being paid past their expiry date.

Selecting the monitor flow will trigger a 60 day automatic countdown

🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Notification Bug Fixes - Notifications bell now properly closes when clicked
  • User Stats List Page - User status now properly displays on the user list page
  • Onboarding Team Avatars - Team member avatars are now properly displayed during a users onboarding journey

⭐ QoL Changes & Improvements

  • Email Toggle for Journeys - Administrators can now toggle off email notifications for journey and task assignment
  • The Application page has received a brand new overhaul!

🚢 Coming Soon - Patch Preview

Granular License Management (phase 2)

Always looking to iterate, in the next patch Lyncwork will support user import through microsoft AD and include pre-existing user licences as an editable field in the import preflight. Look forward to pricing metrics and usage data for your licences on the application page as well as detailed descriptions for each license type.

Monitored Deprovision Flow (phase 2)

Lyncwork Admins can expect continued QOL improvements to the monitored deprovision flow, including custom date ranges for deprovisioning as well as instant deprovisioning and exit of any monitored flow already triggered.

That’s all for now! Thank you for using Lyncwork as we continue to grow and look forward to more exciting things in the near future. We’re working hard to build innovative solutions allowing you to deliver and perpetuate the best employee experience possible.